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by MBLDesigns

Marion Caple

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Are your hens going bald? Do you want to protect your hens' backs? Has your hen been injured by a predator or accident? Or maybe you just want to dress up your chickens or turkeys, for fun, show, or ID. Then these designer saddles are for you!!!!! Sometimes these are called chicken aprons.

Coverage for those bald shoulders


To order, email your order with everything you want for your saddles. I will email back with invoices in this email as well as a separate email through PayPal.

Size (overall height x width) 1 or 2 3 or more 8 or more 20 or more
Bantam (5 3/4"x5 1/4") $6.50each $5.75each $5.25each $4.75each
Bantam Wide (6"x7") $7.00each $6.25each $5.75each $5.25each
Bantam X-Wide (6"x9") $7.50each $6.75each $6.25each $5.75each
Bantam SuperWide (5 1/2"x15") $8.00each $7.25each $6.75each $6.25each
Bantam Long (5 1/2"x7" for Hambergs) $6.75each $6.00each $5.50each $5.00each
Standard (7"x6 1/2") $7.50each $6.75each $6.25each $5.75each
Standard Wide (7"x9") $8.00each $7.25each $6.75each $6.25each
Standard X-Wide (7"x11") $8.50each $7.75each $7.25each $6.75each
Standard Almost SuperWide (6 1/2"x13") $8.75each $8.00each $7.50each $7.00each
Standard SuperWide (6 1/2"x14") $9.00each $8.25each $7.75each $7.25each
Standard Long (9" x 6 1/2") $7.75each $7.00each $6.50each $6.00each
Standard Long Wide (9" x 9") $8.25each $8.50each $7.00each $6.50each
Large (9"x7 3/4") $8.00each $7.25each $6.75each $6.25each
Small Heritage Turkey Royal Palms(9"x 8 1/2") $8.50each $7.75each $7.25each $6.75each
Medium Heritage Turkey Blue Slates $9.50each $8.75each $8.25each $7.75each
Large Heritage Turkey Standard Bronze (11 1/2"x12") $10.50each $9.75each $9.25each $8.75each
Injured Large Heritage Turkey Narri (16"x16") $11.50each $10.75each $10.25each $9.75each
Broad Breasted Turkey (15 1/2"x10") $11.50each $10.75each $10.25each $9.75each
Large BB Turkey 40lb hen (17"x18") $12.50each $11.75each $11.25each $10.75each
Chicken Shoulder Guards $2.00extra/saddle
Turkey Shoulder Guards $2-$3 extra/saddle
Ring/Grommet Set to walk your Chicken $0.75 extra/saddle
Name Embroidered w/ Design $0.25 extra/word/saddle
Chicken Fleece Lining $1.00 extra/saddle
Turkey Fleece Lining $2-$3.00 extra/saddle

Last updated March 10, 2017

Multiple saddle price discount is for your total number of saddles, not just in each size. So for example if you order 1 bantam, 1 standard and 1 large saddle, you would get the prices listed under the "3 or more" column.

Shipping & Handling

I will ship your saddles using regular mail or priority mail. You may want to choose priority mail these days, as it might be more reliable and they each have tracking numbers. By # of pieces listed below, shoulder sections count as 1 piece, so for example 1 saddle with shoulders is 2 pieces. I do ship to Canada and overseas, just contact me for prices.

# of pieces Regular Mail Priority Mail
1 saddle $3.00 $7.00
1-4 saddles $4.00 $7.00
4-6saddles $4.00 $7.00
7-10saddles $5.00 $11.00
10+ saddles tbd tbd
Shipping charges subject to change without notice based on USPS changes

Standard size fits most chickens, like RIR, Black Australorps. Standard Long is 2" longer in case you want to cover those bare tails. Large is about an 1" wider and 2" longer than Standard and is great for Jersey Giants and those larger chickens. For the mid-size chickens like Buff Orpingtons and Silver Laced Wyandottes, you can go with either the Standard Long or the Large. It just depends on how much back you want to cover. And I am always willing to make custom sizes for your special hens' needs.

Different Sized Turkey saddles are available. Heritage Size is for your Heritage breeds of turkeys, small is for Royal Palms, Medium for the Bourbon Reds and Blue Slates, Large for the Standard Bronzes. Broad Breasted size is longer than it is wide. Extra Wide is for those Wide turkeys and is wider than it is long.

All turkey saddles have a rope looped around the design on the saddle to help the tom stay on the hen for mating.

Fleece linings

Are you worried your chickens might get too cold this winter? I am now putting a fleece lining on my saddles to help the chickens stay warm. They are saying this winter is going to be especially cold. So order now if you'd like.


These saddles are made out of machine washable/dryable denim. The elastic straps are heavily stitched on to reduce the possibility of them pulling off. Each strap goes over the hen's shoulder and under the wing to be snapped to the saddle.

I only use the best quality denim so your saddles last under your roosters' or toms' toenails, yet still dries after a rain and lasts through the wash. You can choose any applique you would like, one of these or one of your own making. Perhaps you'd like your farm symbol on your saddle. Colors of designs may vary, depending on fabric and thread availability as well as my mood while sewing, so if you'd like something specific please be sure to let me know at the time of your order. Price may vary depending on complexity of your appliques. Snaps come in various colors matching the tabs on the elastic. Or if you'd prefer, just ask for buttons. The snaps may wear out, and I will replace them, you just pay return shipping.

How to dress your hen

The easiest way I've found to put these saddles on your chicken is to either sit down with the chicken in your lap facing sideways or have a friend hold the chicken. Unsnap the straps. Place the saddle on her back with the narrow section at her neck. Take a strap and place it over the top of her wing, over her shoulder and go under the wing, and snap closed. Repeat for the other strap. Settle her wings over the edges of the saddle and let her go. It may take a day or so for the saddle to lay flat, while she gets used to it. Check her every few weeks.


To order,


Email me with how many saddles you want with which designs. I'll reply with your invoice for your payment. You can also calculate your total yourself and pay as described below. If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours, please resend your email as sometimes emails get lost in cyberspace, or I have a migraine.

How long will your order take to arrive? That depends on how many saddles have been ordered ahead of yours and the complexity of their orders and your order. I do the best to keep on top of all the orders and try to be fair. Sometimes I have to make exceptions as warranted for emergency situations and I hope you can all understand that as one day it may be your baby who has the emergency.


Payment can be made via Paypal to email address I accept all major credit cards through Paypal.

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Money orders are also accepted, and can be mailed to me at
Marion LoPrinzi
1944 S 18th St
Rogers, AR 72758

Custom sizes are available too, just email for what measurements I require.

If you'd like to walk your chickens, I can put grommets and a ring onto the saddle, just let me know. Price is listed above.

Some designs I have made

As you can see, each of the designs can be made with different color fabric and stitching. More designs are coming all the time.

NOTE: All these designs can be enlarged and put onto anything else for you, such as quilts, tote bags, vests, anything. For example, if you'll look at the Cats of Love Quilt you'll see several cats on a lovely quilt, and if you'll look at The Roses Quilt you'll see the rose in several colors and at Oma's Rose Quilt the roses are quite large.

NEW DESIGNS!!!! February 22, 2008

black lab dalmatian pygmy goat green bay G on blue denim green bay G on green denim spartan helmet brown horse colts horseshoe iris flower letters pink petunia yellow pansy with red center closeup of blue peacock blue peacock star with M star trek Anna's tree Japanese tree 1 Japanese tree 2 Japanese tree 3 tree of life EXTRA $1/saddle red tulip with name Speedy Closeup of turkey turkey with name Rosie yin yang Turkey saddle with Rope Perch

black eyed susan daisy pink tulip red tulip daffodil yellow orange daffodil white yellow daffodil yellow orange daffodil white orange sunflower sunflower rose dark pink rose med pink rose red white rose bright pink rose pink shamrock yellow maple leaf orange maple leaf red maple leaf petunia purple petunia pink mum pansy light purple pansy bright purple pansy white light purple pansy purples pansy purple yellow pansy white dark purple

Some of the designs on Turkey Saddles

A goose saddle

Customer's pictures and Links

If you'd like your chicken's pictures to be displayed along with a link to your website, please send me the pictures and your link. Please keep the pictures below 100kb to keep the uploading of this page to a minimum.

Here is a showgirl rooster, courtesy of Lyn with, showing off his apron, showgirl

Here are 2 silkies being walked on leashes attached to their aprons. walking silkies courtesy of

Rescuing battery (caged) hens in the UK

Battery hens are what you might call caged hens. They are kept in cages all their laying life. Five to a cage, each hen allotted just the space of an A4 size sheet of paper. It is a cruel and barbaric practise to give cheap eggs to the masses. When they are laid out, as they manipulate the light to make 2 days into 3 so they lay 3 eggs every 48 hours. They are then sent to slaughter to make stock cubes, chicken pies, nuggets etc etc. We rescue them and give them a life, earth beneath their feet, sunshine, fresh air. It is amazing the first time they step on firm earth they are just stopped in their tracks. They have only walked on wire.

I have also designed backpacks for university research projects. Here you see peahens wearing custom designed backpacks that will hold battery packs for a telemetry study.

Contact or Custom order anything today send an e-mail to Marion

home chicken saddles home decor tote bags dresses quilts wall hangings sheep doggie treats horse treats
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